Bonus Tracks

View recordings of select Fall Conference sessions.

Bringing IH Expertise to the Community
Larry Whitehead, PhD, CIH; Thomas Stock, PhD, CIH; Margaret Sietsema, MS

This session will highlight the application of industrial hygiene approaches to exposure and risk assessment for community health. Speakers will present research related to Brownfield sites, and the impact of ambient pollution from petrochemical facilities on indoor environments. Discussion will focus on the relevance IH skills to public health needs outside the occupational environment, and increasing opportunities for hygienists in the broader environmental health arena.

Influencing Risk Tolerance 
Lindsay Booher, CIH, CSP; Dave Fennel, PE; Joe Deeb, PhD, CEP; Todd Conklin, PhD

This session will highlight the role of risk tolerance in health and safety. The discussion will focus on factors which influence decisions to mitigate or accept risk at all levels of organizations, and how leaders can more effectively identify, discuss and influence risk tolerant activities and behavior.  The discussion will range from the underlying science to practical application across a range of operating settings.

Performance Metrics for EHS - The Good, Bad and Ugly
Glenn  Barbi, CIH; Deborah Martin, CIH, MPH; Zack Mansdorf, PhD, CIH, CSP, QEP

The GRI is the acknowledged gold standard for public reporting of EHS performance within the realm of sustainability. It sets the minimums for public reporting, but not all the indicators meet the stated goals of the GRI. What’s wrong and what’s important for now and the future version of the GRI and public reporting in general?