Incorporating Prevention thru Design Methods in the Design and Redesign Process

By Frank Renshaw


Album Notes:

  • We need to educate engineering professors (with detailed policies) about the value of having IHs on the design teams and to develop texts, chapters, educational modules, etc. for integration into engineering education programs and educate IHs / EHS professionals how to communicate with engineers... And to read plans, drawings, prints
  • Need to evaluate incidents to include PtD in the analysis of contributing factors and create manuals that show standards developed as a result of incidents
  • EHS people need to be more aggressive about being part of the design and redesign team. More issues result from design changes than from initial design. Costs of retrofits can be used to support better initial design in spite of higher costs


  • Really good information on how to set up safety and health in a large capital project.
  • Excellent input from NIOSH
  • Discussion was well prepared and yielded some great conversations among the participants.

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Full presentation is available here.

Frank, along with Donna Heidel, will be presenting their Incorporating Prevention through Design Methods into Design/Redesign PDC Sunday, May 19, 2013 at AIHce in Montreal. Learn more